News  ·  “Ware is Awfully Good at British Haunted-House Novels”

The Turn of the Key

The Seattle Times included Ruth Ware‘s The Turn of the Key in today’s paperback round-up titled “True crime, mystery, a Dr. Seuss biography and 3 more new paperback titles to check out“.

“Ware is awfully good at British haunted-house novels, and this one adds a modern twist to Henry James’s ‘The Turn of the Screw: A nanny arrives at a beautiful home in the Scottish Highlands — a place wired with an app that its owners can control from afar. ‘The Turn of the Key contains all the most pleasurable hallmarks of the genre,’ wrote an NPR reviewer: ‘secret garden, handsome handyman, ghostly footsteps, a locked attic, whispers in the village of hauntings and deaths, a scribbled warning from the last nanny.’ She calls it ‘a clever and elegant update to James’s story, one with less ambiguity but its own eerie potency.'”

The Turn of the Key is out now. You can get it here in the UK, and here in the US

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