Damian Le Bas  ·  The Stopping Places


UK (C'wealth) Chatto & Windus


World Rights Eve White
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Non-Fiction
ISBN-10: 1784741035
ISBN-13: 978-1784741037

Our world is very different to the one my nan described. A nomadic life is unthinkable. Even she lives (very happily) in a bungalow now.

As a child, Damian Le Bas would sit on his great-grandmother’s knee, immersed in tales of the old Traveller ways, told to him in the ancient Romany language.

Now, Damian will discover the secret routes passed through the generations. He embarks on a year-long quest across the British Isles and visits the “stopping places”, the old sites of encampment known only to Travellers.

But can Damian have the freedom that the nomad in all of us craves, or is the old Traveller way irrevocably lost?

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A wild-eyed chestnut colt comes careering by in a hail of clips and clops on road. Riding him, and leaning back to show his full command and lack of fear, is a fit and topless suntanned teenage boy, who couldn’t care less if everyone else is waiting for the weekend: the fair is here, and so is he, and everyone should know. His face is a satisfied half-smile of knowing he has hit the early summer of his life, and as he canters off, his heavy gold chain flits and dances off his shoulders with the lightness of a garland in the breeze.

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