The Other Me


UK (C'wealth) Little Brown - Piatkus
France Marabout
USA Macmillan - Flatiron Books


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 0349403384
ISBN-13: 978-0349403380

Eliza Bennet has the life she’s always dreamed of. She’s who she wants to be, and she’s with the man she loves.

But Eliza is living a lie. Her real name is Klaudia Myer. And Klaudia is on the run. She’s escaping her old life, and a terrible secret buried at the heart of her family.

This is the story of Eliza and Klaudia – one girl, two lives and a lie they cannot hide from.

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It started to snow this afternoon. The first flakes falling in nervous flurries from a gunmetal sky. Now, looking out into the evening, there is nothing but snow swirling towards me, white on white. Ice crystals billow out of darkness, twisting, spinning, casting a blinding spell. My breath makes a warm mist against the chill of the window. I close my eyes, leaning my forehead on the glass, and think about how I could stop his heart. Perhaps suffocation would be kind? Slipping into his room at night, to hold a pillow over his face. Only I think that, even when sleeping, the natural impulse is to fight for life, and I imagine his legs jerking and kicking out, the awful wrestle with the thrash and twist of his body.

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