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The Stranger Published

Saskia Sarginson gives us another humorous glimpse into modern family life – with kidults and cupboard wars.

“I have simple tastes in tea. A cup of builders’. I detest herbal tea, unlike my partner, Ed, who likes peppermint. Before the return of the twentysomethings, there was one glass storage jar of English breakfast in the kitchen, and a box of peppermint for Ed. And that was how we liked it.

Twins Megan and Lily’s arrival has changed all that because they have brought tea with them. A bewildering variety in brightly coloured boxes. They are always dunking bags of sawdust into hot water and rhapsodising over the benefits of the resulting bilious liquid. Different herbs, they say, have wonderful effects on everything from period pains to bad skin to libido, although some have to be drunk under a full moon. I’m not paying for this dubious cult, I tell them, so they will have to buy their own tea.”

Read the rest of Saskia’s article here.

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