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For the second week in a row, FunKidsLive have named one of our authors as a recommended Book of the Week for older children. This time the book in the limelight is Casper Candlewacks in the Time Travelling Toaster

…by Ivan Brett. Following Adam Britten‘s success in the category last week, Ivan’s latest Casper tale involves torturous Tickle Tags and giant robots – and it has definitely charmed the readers at FunKids. They have named the story one of their ‘favourite books of the week’!

Casper Candlewacks reckons it will be brilliant fun to make his very own time machine – and he quickly discovers that with a toaster and some old clocks he can do just that. But when the time machine is finished, Casper’s grand adventure doesn’t turn out quite as he expected. With the evil family of Blights taking over everything, the future is no fun at all…

To see the full FunKids article click here.

To buy a copy of the book click here.

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