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The Hospital

Barbara on Radio

20 February, 2017

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Barbara O’Hare was interviewed last week on BBC Radio about her book, The Hospital. “All I knew about my mother was that she had bright red hair.” Barbara explains how she...

The Hospital

Finally They Listened

14 February, 2017

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For years no one listened. Finally, Barbara O’Hare has a voice. “From the outside when you were walking past the ward, you would hear sometimes kids crying.” Read the full...

The Hospital

BBC Documentary

9 February, 2017

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Barbara O’Hare’s campaign to find out what really happened at Aston Hall mental hospital was the subject of a BBC Inside Out documentary this week. The Hospital was published by Blink Publishing today...

The Hospital

Barbara on BBC

9 February, 2017

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Barbara O’Hare appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about her memoir, The Hospital. Published by Blink Publishing today, it has already shot to number 1 in all its categories on Amazon....


17 June, 2016

In: Book Reviews · News

The Daily Mail print and online reviewed The Girl in the Spotty Dress by Pat Stewart today: “The seaside snap that blew the rest of Britain…


2 June, 2016

In: Author Events · News

Granada News reported on Pat Stewart’s trip to Blackpool to revisit the spot where she was photographed 65 years ago…


20 April, 2016

In: Author Events · News

Pat Stewart was interviewed last weekend on BBC Radio 4’s Saturday Live about her new book The Girl in the Spotty Dress…


7 April, 2016

In: News · Publishing News

Today, 50 years after dancer Pat Stewart’s photo was published in the national press, her memoir is published by John Blake. When Pat posed…

Joan at Re-Read

21 October, 2015

In: Author Events · News

Veronica Clark and Joan Hart, authors of At The Coalface, will be speaking at Re-Read, an event in South Yorkshire…

Veronica and Joan tour

2 October, 2015

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As part of Veronica Clark and Joan Hart’s At The Coalface book tour…  

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