News  ·  The Other Couple is a September Sizzler

"‘Intelligent. Gripping. Colourful. Great setting. Absorbing characters."

Sarah J. Naughton‘s The Other Couple has been selected as a September Sizzler on Kobo for twelve days and will sell for £1.99.

Jane Corry, author of My Husband’s WifeBlood Sisters, and The Dead Ex gave the following review: “Intelligent. Gripping. Colourful. Great setting. Absorbing characters.”

It was meant to be the perfect honeymoon. A five-star resort in paradise. White sands, a private villa and world-class cuisine. A chance for newlyweds Asha and Ollie Graveney to recover from a recent tragedy, and enjoy the holiday of their dreams.

Except someone has other plans…

And paradise has turned into a nightmare.

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