Fergus McNeill  ·  Broken Fall: A D.I. Harland Investigation

Broken Fall: A D.I. Harland Investigation 1


UK (C'wealth) Hodder & Stoughton


World Rights Hodder & Stoughton
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction

When Detective Inspector Graham Harland first sees the body, it’s just a tragic little bundle lying at the foot of the stairs, the shock of white hair bright against the dark carpet.

It looks like a straightforward accident. Albert Errington, aged seventy-nine, lived alone in his Bristol home and appears to have taken a nasty tumble down the stairs late one night. His death seems a terrible shock for his son and daughter, and his long-term carer.

But ever-observant, DI Harland is sure this isn’t an accidental death. And he will find out who is trying to get away with murder . . .

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