"An Unusual, Bittersweet Coming-of-Age Novel That’s Also a Fascinating Mystery"
How It Ends 1


UK (C'wealth) Little, Brown - Piatkus
USA Macmillan - Flatiron
France Marabout


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range Adult
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 0349419981
ISBN-13: 978-0349419985

“Stunning writing and wonderful nuanced characterisation,  I was transported to an American airbase in the 1940s and hooked into this story.” Rosamund Lupton

“A gripping and emotional story which, although set in a past era, has chilling implications for the present day. How It Ends is an engrossing read with endearing characters thrust into traumatic circumstances. It stayed with me long after the last page as its subject matter is unfortunately still very relevant.” Lisa Ballantyne

It’s hard to be an American girl in 1957. Especially when your dad’s job means you have to move four thousand miles from home. Especially if you’d rather play baseball than wear a dress. Especially if you see your mom fraying a little more from anxiety each day. And especially if being five minutes older means you have to protect your fragile twin brother.

Still, Hedy Delaney loves her family, and she’s trying to make the best of her new life on a U.S. airbase in England. After all, her dad’s a war hero, her mother’s a beauty, and her brother’s a brainiac who writes moving stories about space travel.

Then one tragic day, the unforeseen occurs and all three are ripped away, leaving Hedy alone with countless questions. What really happened on the airbase? What went on behind military closed doors? What were the secrets that could never be told? And how could any of it have led to her family’s destruction?

In her search for the truth, Hedy turns to a story her brother began months before he died. Deciding to finish what her brother started, Hedy begins to piece together what happened to her family. But whether she’s ready for what she’ll discover is another matter entirely.

A sweeping and turbulent family drama, The Wonderful asks whether writing fiction can uncover fact, and if it’s ever better to let the truth remain hidden.
Sometimes, it’s safer not to finish what you’ve started.

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