Monty and Milli


UK (C'wealth) Little Tiger Press
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Age Range 3+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1848953070
ISBN-13: 978-1848953079
Illustrator: Tim Warnes


Everything Monty does, Milli does too. Milli spoils everything! Monty has had enough. “I wish you’d turn into a Warty Toad then disappear!” he shouts.

Kazaam! Kazim! Kazoom!

Suddenly Milli is nowhere to be seen. Did Monty really make his little sister disappear?

Monty and Milli has been published in the US, Holland, France, Germany, Portugal and Finland.

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Everything Monty did, Milli did too. When Monty roared, Milli roared. When Monty painted … so did Milli! And, whenever Monty curled up with his favourite book, guess who always showed up with hers...?! Then Monty got a magic set - one wand, one hat, one cape, one book. “No Milli,” he said, “it’s meant for just one ... ME!” She took it rather well, considering.

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