Tracey Corderoy  ·  The Grunt and the Grouch – Big Splash

The Grunt and the Grouch - Big Splash


UK (C'wealth) Stripes
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World Rights Eve White
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Age Range 5+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1434242684
ISBN-13: 978-1434242686
Illustrator: Lee Wildish


Join the Grunt and the Grouch, two of the most disgusting trolls you’ll ever meet, as they dive headfirst into trouble. In this three-in-one adventure, the Grunt and the Grouch crash the opening of the local swimming pool, get tangled up on a camping trip, and tackle babysitting Grunt’s trouble-making cousin.

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Grunty gazed at the ogre costume. The warts were wicked, but he wasn’t going to tell Pom Pom that. ‘I might try it on for size,’ he said, ‘but I’m not playing! He popped Grub into Grotbag’s basket, (hoping he might fall asleep) then wriggled into the warty, green costume. ‘Raaaghhhh!’ he roared like a grumpy ogre. ‘Yippee!’ Grouchy cheered. ‘Right!’ sniffed Grunty. ‘I’m off to read the newspaper!’ He thumped across the kitchen but, just as he reached the door, ‘Prince Grouch…’ he heard Pom Pom say, ‘…would you like a jelly beetle?’ ‘Oooh!’ cried Grouchy. ‘We love jelly beetles, eh Grunty?’ Slowly, Grunty turned around. ‘Ugh?’ he dribbled. ‘Oh, yeah…’ ‘Too bad!’ yelled Pom Pom. ‘Because these are just for trolls who play!’ Grunty gulped. ‘Um … well,’ he said, gazing at the bag of jelly beetles. ‘I suppose … I could play … a bit…’ ‘Fine!’ snapped Pom Pom. ‘But you have to do as I say!’ With that, she pointed to the floor. ‘You live in under-the-table-land!’ she said. ‘All alone … in a smelly cave!’ ‘Suits me!’ growled Grunty, crawling under the table. ‘Now cry!’ said Pom Pom. ‘Because nobody loves you!’ Grunty gave a snotty sniff. ‘Now clean up your icky cave! Go on!’

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