Tracey Corderoy  ·  Wakey Wakey, Big Brown Bear

Wakey Wakey, Big Brown Bear


UK (C'wealth) Meadowside Fiction
China Beijing Tianlue
Korea Kids-M
South Korea Kids-M


World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights With UK Publisher


Age Range 3+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1845396138
ISBN-13: 978-1845396138
Illustrator: Richard Swirles

Big Brown Bear longs to roll in crunchy leaves and make a fluffy snow-bear out of snow but Autumn is coming and soon he’ll be asleep and won’t wake again until Spring. His good friends promise to try and wake him but, when the time comes, they can’t. Will Big Brown Bear miss all the fun? Maybe not…

A book about friendship, the wonder of Nature and the heartfelt dreams of a big brown bear…

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Autumn was coming. Bright berries shone like jewels and leaves danced to the ground, and it was time for Big Brown Bear’s long sleep. He would sleep through the pretty Autumn and the sparkly Winter too! And he wouldn’t wake again until the Spring… “Poor, poor me!” he yawned.

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