Andy Stanton  ·  What’s for Dinner, Mr Gum?


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Brazil Distribuidora Record
China Thinkingdom Media
Finland Schildts & Soderstroms
France Bayard
Germany Patmos
Slovakia Slovart
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Sweden Argasso Bokforlag
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World Rights With UK Publisher
Film Rights Eve White


Age Range 8+
Category Fiction
ISBN-10: 1405248246
ISBN-13: 978-1405248242
Illustrator: David Tazzyman

Well, Shabba me whiskers! Mr Gum’s Back! But what’s he up to this time? Oh, dreadful things my friends, dreadful things indeed. Seems he’s found himself a brand new treat – rancid kebabs just driping with grey sauce. And he just can’t get enough of them. He’s gotta have more! More! LESS! I mean, MORE! But not everyones to happy with Mr Gum’s new dinnertime arrangements and soon the town of Lamonic Bibber is gearing up for war. Can Polly and her friends save the town from being torn apart? Will Mr Gum’s hunger ever be satisfied? And who on earth is Thora Gruntwhistle?

All will be revealed when you read What’s For Dinner, Mr Gum? You’ll see a gingerbread man driving through London! You’ll see annoying Monkey driving everyone mad! you’ll see Friday O’Leary falling asleep in a hedge! Yes, its all there in glorious black and white, my friends. Except the cover, which is in colour. BONUS!

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I never thought I’d say it, but poor old Billy. All night long he tossed and turned in his freezing cold bed, his gruesome little head a-spinnin’ and a-sparkin’ with all the terrible things he’d seen and heard. Greasy Ian’s wild sweaty face… Philip the Horror’s gut-wrenching squeals… Mr Gum’s jaws swooping down into the kebab meat…

‘NOOO!’ yelled Billy, throwing his blanket to the floor. Thora Gruntwinkle looked down from her place on the wall but what help was she? She was mere ink and paper. The real Thora Gruntwinkle was all the way down in Olde London Town, probably kissing some big handsome sailor right now. Or a guy with loads of money. Or a bloke who occasionally washed. Why would she want a loser like Billy?

‘I’M ALONE!’ howled Billy. ‘ALOOOOOOONE!’

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