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Little Friends

Jane Shemilt‘s Little Friends will be embarking on a blog tour on publication. Follow all the stops here from 20th February.

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Follow all the stops here:

  • 20th Feb – SHOTS magazine – “How to grow a story; the inspiration behind Little Friends”, an article by Jane Shemilt
  • 21st Feb – Page Turners Nook
  • 22nd Feb – Book Review Hub – Review – “Little Friends is a gripping psychological thriller that exploits the vulnerabilities of marriage and parenthood. A story about trauma, duty and redemption.”
  • 23rd Feb – Jo’s Book Blog – Review – “Shemilt has delivered a fantastically clever novel with some wonderful twists, and I read most of it during a single day as I wanted to know what was going on.”
  • 24th Feb – Over the Rainbow Book Blog – Review – ” I definitely wasn’t expecting the story to go the way it did and the many twists or revelations took me by surprise. Just when I thought I’d figured out which way the story was going to go, something happened to change everything.”
  • 25th Feb – My Bookish Blog – Review – “A great read, perfect for these rainy, windy days!”
  • 26th Feb – Shalini’s Books & Reviews – Review – “A compelling read, indeed. I had to take a few deep breaths at the end of the read as it was difficult to let go of the final reveal.”
  • 27th Feb – The Writing Garnet – Review – “A moving, sinister, memorable domestic thriller – not for the faint hearted!”
  • 28th Feb – Charlene Jess – Review – “This did not disappoint. Packed with tension and intrigue this makes for a intense read.”
  • 29th Feb – The Reading Closet – Review – “I highly rate this thriller, it’s tension filled, clutching its readers in its wordy mitts and spat them out a shell of their previous reading selves.”
  • 1st Mar – Melanie’s Reads – Review – “This book is dark but so very good.”
  • 2nd Mar – Hannah Hearts – Review – “I couldn’t put the book down, I was completely absorbed in it with it being unsettling I was really surprised about this.”
  • 3rd Mar – Cal Turner – Review – “Little Friends is a moving, thrilling and devastatingly brilliant tale that will stay with me for a long time to come.”
  • 4th Mar – Jodie Loves Books – Review – ” I thought the writing was brilliant and the pacing was perfect.”
  • 5th Mar – The Bookend Review – Review – “Definitely one to look out for.”
  • 6th Mar – Sarah Broadhurst
  • 7th Mar – Emma’s Biblio Treasures – Review – “Little Friends is an intricate, raw and tragic story about families and dark secrets. It is a reminder of how evil can lurk in the most unexpected places and wearing surprising disguises, just waiting to tear lives apart.”
  • 8th Mar – Librorum in Sempiternum
  • 9th Mar – Locky Loves Books – Review – “I was never really sure what was going to happen next – it was certainly an action-packed read with lots of shocks and revelations, and made tense, uncomfortable reading at times.”
  • 10th Mar – Books, Life, and Everything – Review – “This is a great read to keep you on the edge of your seat. Even the title seems to hold a hidden meaning. Glance at it and it can quickly turn to fiends.”
  • 11th Mar – Elementary V Watson – Review – “The foreshadowing helped me work out what was happening but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of this slow burn novel. “
  • 12th Mar – Stacy Is Reading – Review – “Little Friends is a tense and rough ride that will leave a deep impression on each and every reader.”
  • 13th Mar – Honest Mam Reader – Review – “When the real story started to unfold, I felt uneasy reading it. Not because of the subject matter, but, because Jane Shemilt had written the story so well that you felt a connection to each of the characters and got invested in their story. So, when the truth came out it was slightly unnerving.”
  • 14th Mar – Gemma Roman Books – Review – “I was blown away by the story but also by the incredible talent that Jane had to take me by the hand, pull me through the pages and then let me go so that I ended up looking round myself, wondering how to get back up.”
  • 15th Mar – Beverley’s Reads – Review –  “The story telling is superb, so, if you like a good psychological thriller this will not let you down.”
  • 16th Mar – Karen Reads and Recommends – Review – “I loved the fast pace and the secrets and the hidden darkness that appears. If you enjoyed Big Little Lies you will love this.
  • 17th Mar – Travelling Book Junkie
  • 18th Mar – Fearnley Fiction – Review – “I like the plot, there was some great twists and turns in there. I kept thinking i had it when i didn’t. It really does make you think about what is happening and also about family dynamics.”
  • 19th Mar – Anne Bonny Book Reviews
  • 20th Mar – Literature Love – Review – “Little Friends is yet another brilliant read from Jane Shemilt.”
  • 21st Mar – Em Digs Books – Review – “Little Friends is a dark, tense and thrilling read. A great slow burner well written characters scattered with secrets and evil. A proper page turner so if you enjoy a psychological domestic thriller, give this a go.”
  • 22nd Mar – We Are The Curious Book Club – Review – “I felt a full range of emotions reading this one, and it definitely deserves being called a page turner. A character driven psychological thriller, and a deep exploration of the darkness in human nature.
    Highly recommend.”
  • 23rd Mar – Caramer Roll Loves Books – Review – “Both a disturbing and gripping read.”
  • 24th Mar – Always Got Time for Books – Review – “I really enjoyed this book. The story is cleverly woven together, the characters are interesting and it’s full of surprises. If you like a domestic, slow-burn thriller then this is for you!”
  • 24th Mar – Secret World of a Book
  • 24th Mar – Mrs Cooke’s Books

Little Friends is out now – you can pick up a copy here or, even better, in your local bookshop.

It is published in the US as The Playground by William Morrow and you can order it here.

Follow Jane on Twitter @janeshemilt.

Check out her new site at

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