News  ·  “It’s Really Joyful to See!”

Andy Stanton was interviewed about his experience of writing the book and the lyrics and working closely with director, designer, composer and cast of Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear: The Musical! in The Bookseller.

Asked, “What do you think a stage production adds to a story?”

Andy said, “Tons of things! Just the physicality of the actors. It’s really joyful to see. It brings a shared vision—it’s not my play, it’s everyone’s play. The actors have interpreted my story but they devise little physical games that I never imagined. My favourite moment is when two people stand on stage and do almost nothing, in complete silence. You try your hardest to write a zippy script but then you get upstaged by two people swaying on a stage!”

This family show runs for the whole of the school holidays at The National Theatre. Tickets are on sale here. Hurry, the play ends on August 31st.

The musical is based on Andy’s book, Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear.  Find all his books here, or at your local bookshop.

Follow Andy on Twitter @AndyStanton15.

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