News  ·  New Year, Sugar Free You!

Recipes from Susanna Booth‘s Sensationally Sugar Free, were featured in her Guardian article Sweet Nightmares: A Guide to Cutting Down on Sugar. Published by…

…Octopus on January 7, the book follows scientist and healthy-eating expert, Susanna’s, Gloriously Gluten Free which came out last year.

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In the articles section on How to shop, Susanna recommends:

“The best approach is to retrain your palate to reduce its craving for the super-sweet with simple steps – at breakfast, replace the marmalade or jam on your toast with sliced banana, low-fat cream cheese or eggs, swap sugar-packed cereals for wholegrain versions. Limit the fruit juice you buy – servings should be no more than 150ml once a day. These are small steps, but they are in the right direction.”

Fancy a slice of cake, but don’t fancy the attendant sugar? Read the full article here

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