Saskia Sarginson

How It Ends on the East Anglian Book Awards Shortlist

“An Intense and Brooding Read”

8 May, 2019

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The Sunday Mirror has reviewed Saskia Sarginson‘s How it Ends. “An intense and brooding read, with a brilliantly claustrophobic sense of place.” Follow Saskia on Twitter @SaskiaSarginson. Buy your copy of How it...

How It Ends on the East Anglian Book Awards Shortlist

“An Inspirational and Compelling Story”

8 May, 2019

In: Book Reviews · News · Press

Candis magazine has reviewed Saskia Sarginson‘s How It Ends in its “Best for Book Club” column. “Exploring the fears of a post-war era, it’s an inspirational and compelling story.” Pick up the...

How It Ends on the East Anglian Book Awards Shortlist

How it Ends Out Now in Paperback!

7 May, 2019

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Saskia Sarginson‘s How it Ends is out now in paperback. Buy your copy here, or at your local bookshop. Congratulations to Saskia. Follow her on Twitter @SaskiaSarginson.

The Other Me

The Other Me Gets a Kindle Monthly Deal!

5 October, 2018

In: Book Promotions · News · Publishing News

Saskia Sarginson‘s latest novel, The Other Me, will be part of Amazon Kindle’s monthly sale throughout October. The ebook will be priced at just 99p until 1st November. Grab the...

How It Ends

A Gripping and Emotional Story

22 June, 2018

In: Book Reviews · News · Publishing News

Lisa Ballantyne, author of The Guilty Ones, said Saskia Sarginson‘s upcoming novel, How It Ends, was… “A gripping and emotional story which, although set in a past era, has chilling implications for the...

The Stranger Published

Saskia To Tell Us How It Ends

24 November, 2017

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Saskia Sarginson has signed a new deal for her latest novel to Piatkus, Little Brown. How It Ends, a tense, beautiful coming-of-age story set against the paranoid backdrop of the...

The Stranger Published

Saskia’s The Stranger is a Steal!

12 September, 2017

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The ebook edition of Saskia Sarginson’s The Stranger is on sale on Amazon through Bookbub at just £0.99. Buy all editions of Saskia’s books here.

Bluepencilagency First Novel Prize Shortlist Announced!

Bluepencilagency First Novel Prize Shortlist Announced!

12 September, 2017

In: Miscellaneous · News

Bluepencilagency have announced their shortlist for their 2017 First Novel Prize. The shortlist was selected by Saskia Sarginson, Bluepencilagency and the Eve White team. The winner, announced on 31st...

The Stranger

Saskia’s Ebook is Smashing the Charts

22 June, 2017

In: Chart News

Saskia Sarginson‘s The Twins is No. 7 on the Amazon Kindle chart. Buy The Twins here Buy Saskia’s latest novel, The Stranger ,  here.

The Twins

The Twins is 99p on Kindle!

22 May, 2017

In: Book Promotions

Richard & Judy Book Club bestseller, Saskia Sarginson‘s The Twins is now 99p on Kindle for a limited time. They were identical in every way Until the unthinkable tore them...

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