News  ·  “A Complex, Multi-Layered and Moving Narrative”

"An Unusual, Bittersweet Coming-of-Age Novel That’s Also a Fascinating Mystery"

The National has featured Saskia Sarginson‘s The Wonderful in its roundup of “20 of the best books on shelves this January.”

“Steeped in Cold War history, this bittersweet coming-of-age novel follows Ruby, who think she’s left her desolate childhood in Norfolk, England behind when she marries Todd, an American fighter pilot. But they soon move back there with their twins, and a complex, multi-layered and moving narrative begins to unravel.” Read the full piece here.

Follow Saskia on Twitter @SaskiaSarginson.

Buy your copy of The Wonderful here. If you’re in the UK, buy your copy of How it Ends (the UK title for The Wonderfulhere, or at your local bookshop.

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