News  ·  “Will Seep into Your Soul”

"An Unusual, Bittersweet Coming-of-Age Novel That’s Also a Fascinating Mystery"

Saskia Sarginson‘s The Wonderful, which publishes today in the US, has received a slew of press coverage.

  • USA Today included the novel in a roundup of “5 Books Not to Miss”
  • Campus Circle named it one of the Best Holiday Books of 2019: “The Wonderful‘ weaves a Cold War tale of family and secrets and mystery that will seep into your soul.”
  • Publishers Weekly featured it on its “PW Picks: Books of the Week”column. The publication had previously awarded it a starred review.

Follow Saskia on Twitter @SaskiaSarginson.

Buy your copy of The Wonderful here. If you’re in the UK, buy your copy of How it Ends (the UK title for The Wonderfulhere, or at your local bookshop.

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